We are happy to greet you here.

An International Forthel´m Center is a unique project, uniting real specialists in in the fields of psychology и esoterics.

You can get a real practical experience giving you a possibility to change your life drastically. With our assistance provided, you will obtain profound practical knowledge, reveal your potential and will be able to develop your skills.

You will reach the desired happiness, experience a lift of emotions and freedom, cast off the shackles of the routine life.

“Our Projects”.

Forthel´m Center is located in the very heart of Bavaria. Here everyone can start their own way (personally and remotely) accompanied and supported by experienced and professional specialists at every step. If you want to be ensured in everything yourself, we are waiting for you at our seminars, lectures and meetings of the Center. Meetings and seminars are the opportunity to become familiarized with us, ask worrying questions and gain new knowledge! Improve your skills personally with the specialists or being anywhere in the world online directly on Skype.

Join our students and partners, thus making your journey easier!

All you need is your desire

And a little bit more!
The practical knowledge gained from us will make it possible to deal with obstacles and effective way to achieve successful results.

Our team provides a real opportunity to find your own way in life as well as to discover the way leading you to success.
Our stunning knowledge is a proven practical tool for application right here and right now!

The knowledge gained at the Forthel′m center will allow you to conduct various rituals and rites that help to improve your life. The unique atmosphere, reigning and management in the center, relaxes and adjusts to a wave of tranquility and calm. Only here you can find like-minded people and realize all your possibilities to the maximum.

To satisfy yourself, we are waiting for you on open days. In the center are held not only paid seminars, but also frequent open meetings and master classes. To get acquainted with us, ask exciting questions, gain new knowledge and improve your skills, you can interact personally with teachers, as well as being anywhere in the world via Skype right during the seminars.

This great knowledge is a proven practical tool for application right here and right now!

We are to share our knowledge and experience with you.
We can train you and implement the solutions practically.
We can provide help in difficult situations.
We are able to prompt the right direction in life.
Are able to charge you with positive energy and reveal your talent.

Please feel free to contact us as each guest is welcome..

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Бесплатная искренняя психологическая/духовная
помощь/консультация людям в сложных жизненных ситуациях.

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Center Forthelm.
Forthelm ® | 44 03 04 | 80803  München
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