Basics of work at the cemetery / short /


The mercy may be given in form of donation. Money, products, things can never be given right into the hands of beggars or homeless. It is better to put them near them. But it is obligatory to say the word “paid”. To speak with people whom you are giving the alms is forbidden. Also you can leave money in the box that is situated in the church for alms recollection or for temple restoration.

In the case of realization of difficult rituals sometimes is needed to leave a mercy at the burying-place.
There is a lot of peculiarities. If it is made a spoiling, than at the crossing of the paths has to be left vodka and bread.
If was made a attraction spell, that a mercy after the ritual becomes the jewelers, perfumes and red wine.
In the first case the mercy is left for the Proprietor of the Burying-place, y the second – for Red Widow.
At describing the ritual more often is additionally is pointed out a payoff measure and place where you should leave it. But unfortunately it doesn`t always happen. If you need to leave vodka, it doesn`t have to by drops of cheep alcohol. A mercy may become only that vodka that you may have drank by yourself in other occasion. Or the most expensive one.
The same happens with wine.

By the way, pouring from a sealed bottle, which you have since a long time ago in your bar, is impossible in any case!
For mercy, as for any other magic action, all the objects must be especially bought!

When you are paying to the seller, never bargain and do not take the change. Think about this moment beforehand.

A mercy – is a sacrifice for the spirits of dead people, the gratitude for help in realization of the ritual.
Sometimes in form of a mercy is left something precious to your heart, favorite bracelet or a ring, for example.

A mercy works only when you really pay it with the help of other forces from your pocket, and not doing it only as a must. Your personal fillings will a measure of a mercy. If you regret on spend money, if you think that you could have bought something else for this money, it means that the measure is enough. Just don’t regret about this measures. The effect of the work will de paid off in spades, an you will avoid recoil / shock.

If because of any occasion to keep mercy named in the ritual, you may live at the working grave a universal mercy: alcohol, sweets, money.

At work at the graveyard:
We leave a mention (is represented by an action directed to the repose for the souls of the dead. Usually it is kutia, pancakes, honey, etc. as a plus – funeral candles or prayers for the repose).


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