Especially that is lying at the crossroads. It may be normal, and gold. The cross might be thrown purposely, so that other person could take on him/herself the “cross” or someone’s heavy share.
Mirrors – the inherent attributes of the many areas of magic. Evil curse or negative may be transmitted by means of reflection, if the mirror will be casted the spell.

If the clasp fastened that the object might be “lost” purposely. Metal objects with clasps (brooch, barrette, pin and etc.) are normally thrown away to get rid of the negative. This is a very ancient ritual, which used our grandmothers.

Especially with hair. Since ancient times hair was considered as a accumulator of personal energy, so, passing into the wrong hands and, perish the thought, other people’s hair, the comb may become a source of danger.

It is a traditional way to get rid of bad luck, illnesses, tears and anxiety.

Enchanted ring is thrown because of the constant failures in personal life. It is not recommended to try on the unattended jewelry, and in the case if it is valuable you can take them to pawnshop o to pass on the “scrap”.

This category includes feathers, masks, strange bracelets (usually rag), fancy herbal bouquets, signs, symbols and images on tablets or paper, antique, balls, pyramids, statues and figurines.
Lately the object of the conjurers has become the PHOTOS. But if you suddenly have fond not yours, but someone else’s photo, for example, in the drawer of your work desk? This may be one of the negative impacts from a distance, like a phone magic. This rough, not a professional, but quite effective method is rarely used, but still is hold.
In this case, the stranger’s face, and his eyes on the photos – the source of the negative program laid down at the time of photographing. For the removal of the “evil eye”, it is desirable to burn photos and try to “change” your appearance. For example, hair, makeup, usual wardrobe. After the moon “grow old”, the first day of the new moon you can return to your usual style.


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