History of Forthel’m.

2009 – creation of group of interests in the social network.
2012 – Creation of the community and brand Grimoire of the witch.
2015 – rebranding, creating our logo and community Forthe’m.
2015 – creating a new basis for coven and school, developing the site.
2016 – registration in the Ministry of Finances of Munich, Bavaria, Germany.
2016 – opening of the company’s current account, registration in payment systems.
2016 – creation and registration of the school of magic “Witchcraft University * Forthel’m®”.
2017 – full rebranding of the company, foundation and opening of the centers in Germany and Ukraine.
2017 – registration of copyright Ukraine, trade mark, the opening of the school and our coven.

Forthelm – Forthel’m
Forthelm Fort is a fortress, helm is a helmet.

Forreset, t-Tor, hel-Hel goddess, m- Mara (en) (Morena, Marzhana)

Forseti, Forseti
Thor, Þōrr, Þunarr, Þunor, Þūr, Þunær, Donar, Thunaraz, Thor
Hel Hel
Marena, Marzan (n) a, Śmiertka, Morena, Marmuriena, Morana, Smrtka, Marena

Forseti – Ansouz
Thor – Uruz, Turisaz, Raido, Sowulu.
Hel – Hagalaz, Perth, Isa, Nautiz.
Morena – the symbol of Mary, Berkana.