Saving horses “The Last Chance”.

Partial financial help from us personally and the Forthelm project.

I’ll add visa here, not to look in the comments … 4731 1856 1037 2341 Ukraine Privat Bank
Popova Natalia Olegovna. Thanks to everyone for their help.
Facebook asks what I think …
I am now torn by contradictory feelings, on the one hand anger at “people” who refer to horses as to sports equipment, and on the other, deep gratitude to people who are trying to help these animals ….A few days ago we bought 5 horses in very poor condition. The most difficult now is the gelding, which taught children for 15 years and is not needed by anyone. Now it’s on the verge, the shoulders, ligaments are torn, the wound is highly infected, there are a lot of purulent pockets and trauma to the cornea of ​​the eye. The day before yesterday he was operated on for that many thanks to the leadership of the KSK Magnate (and personally to Natalia Popova) for the shelter that they provided to these horses, and our physician Eugene Brusko, who has done a great job and is trying to pull this horse with all his might. If someone has the desire and the opportunity to help this horse, write to me please ..