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Everything you should know about the rosary: protection and safeguard, self development and spirituality.
 If you are intended to buy some rosary you ought to understand that it is not just beads. So the first thing to do is to think of its meaning and designation. The rosary presents some circular chain or string with lots of nodes and beads made of various material: wood, stone or ivory. The first mention about the rosary is considered to be seen in the second millennium BC.
 Peculiarity and usage of the rosary:
1. to pray with
 Using such rosary you can count the number of prayers read in circle or for counting mantras and for different ritual activity. The circle of the rosary stands for the unification of body and soul, rising above everyday’s life and enlightment. That’s why it is widely used in many religious (Muslim, Christianity, and Buddhism). In visual rosary isn’t very differ from each other only in Christ one there is a cross.
2. for concentration
While using the rosary you can keep and concentrate your attention and improve you sleep at night. Rhythmically picking the beads you can concentrate on your work or steadies which can improve efficiency and accuracy.
3. as an amulet
The rosary is often called the Ladder to the Heaven and connected to some curtain circle. According to different legends it has possibility to protect from evil eye or harmful magic influence. It can divert failure and draw good and luck to the owner.
4. for health
Some people think the rosary made of various material is able to cure from some malady or disease. While plucking the beads we make our fine motor skills work which can help to cure sick joints.
 How to use the rosary correctly:
Such rosary must be worn on the wrist in two lines like a bangle or on the neck like beads. Some people prefer keeping it in their pockets, cars or bedrooms. The only rule is to connect with it. Both men and women can wear and use it.

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