Hexing can be described as a negative program aimed at a human, functioning as a program damaging or destroying one’s fate,
health, career, family and everything bellowed and appreciated by a person.

Initially hexing blocks one’s normal energy circulation and energy flows.
Hexing results in destructive treacherous programmed energetically and informational impact on a person or his/her entire kindred.
Hexing may be different in terms of power, kind and impact duration.

✔ Common hexing means one of the negative programming methods, which are often applied unwittingly, as a result of words and phrases, pronounced impulsively during outbreak of temper or rage.
Being excited one may blast another person or wish something bad on such a person, thus triggering common hexing. Powerful and numerous basilisk glances may also result in hexing. This particularly concerns people often visiting public places and having nom protection against negative impact.
The life of a modern human is full of stresses, surprises, conflicts and quarrels. Therefore, the usual common hexing may be acquires anywhere, meeting an energetically stronger rival in the conflict situation.
Such hexing can not be easily remedied, since such hexing is made unprofessionally, other than by a magician or a wizard.
In order to avoid common unintentional hexing, try to mind your thoughts and words.

Very often such phrases, as “no money”, “live like a pig”, “I’d like to see you never again”, “are you a nutball or pretend to?”, and the similar expressions lead to the common hexing.
Some common hexes are embedded by parents into children!
It is a kind of mini program, corroding inside.

✔ Self-hexing is very similar to common hexing, although in this event a person involuntarily aims hexing at oneself.
A person continuously complaints of some pain, lack of money, inability to do something (or everything). Self-hexing may be triggered by a depressive condition, state of oppression, fear of a certain problem.
A person attracts similar energies to oneself out of the environment. The remedy against any hexing is as follows – get read of negative thoughts, become an optimist, love yourself and your body!

✔ Wizard (magic) hexing.
The deliberate wizard hexing is imposed for the purpose of causing harm to another person, using some magic rituals or items for that purpose. The deliberate hexing may affect the life and health of human, his/her welfare, family and personal life. Often such hexing is imposed via a thing affected with the magical spell. Objective of the magical hexing may be different, although normally it is triggered by envy.

✔ Death hexing.
It may be imposed via diseases, accident and suicide. Death hexing is a kind of program embedded into a human, his/her body and mind. Should this destruction program be not removed, a person may become either ill hard or hang oneself, may meet with accident, perish form the electrical shock, etc. This program is transmitted via different items: food, beverages, and the most often – the items related to cemetery and the funeral ritual (grave ground, water and ropes contacting a corpse, etc.). A person may live happily and suddenly die in a very strange way.

✔ No-money and business failure hexing.
In the most cases of no-money hexing the banknotes and coins are used in certain way. The intentionally spelled money dropped in front of your entrance door or into your e-mail box, left inside your shopping premise, in a cafe or office is a classical method of ruining your financial affairs. The process is launched once you pick up such money and mix the same with your other coins and banknotes. A wallet or coins left at a crossroad in the most cases are left there not for nothing. They are waiting for another curious person to become a victim of the “transition” hexing.

✔ Family disruption hexing.
Such hexing means any magic action resulting in a family disruption. Either an entire family or any one of the spouses may be blasted.
The one affected with hexing becomes angry and aggressive, he/she may uncontrollable desire cheating.
A person feels that there is some devil inside controlling the person’s behavior and dictating its will.
They do realize their unfair attitude to the spouse, although they can do nothing about it.

✔ Unbearable life hexing.
In this case the victim faces misfortunes and troubles as if the same were produced out of a horn of plenty. The said hexing victim is described as: “Drudging”.
The problems arise in three areas: health family and work. The most vulnerable and weak area suffers the most.
Once a person has no strong health, he/she becomes continuously and seriously ill; if one has any minor problems in family life, he/she eventually divorces.
Actually the end goal of the hexing originator is as follows: A person should break down under the pressure of negative factors, ending in suicide – a thought of suicide obtrusively pursues a victim of magic several years past hexing.

✔ Disease hexing.
Practically y any disease may be triggered by way of magic: ranging form allergy and up to cancer.
A person suddenly gets ill, however the established diagnoses are rather doubtful.
In general, a disease caused by magic is followed up with serious depression of strength and peculiar “disquiet apathy”, which should alert an ill person.

✔ Sexual debility hexing.
This applies to the males. Such variant of hexing is called “knotting”. It is effected through knotting ropes or plants accompanied with ad-hoc spells. Often the victim’s pants are used. In this event some strange strands and knots on elastic thread appear. Should the spell mechanism operate successfully, a man fails in any sexually transaction . Sometimes penis becomes curved upon erection along with some painful feelings. In this event a man is recommended to inspect his bed for any strange items. Should the sexual debility be caused by any magic attack, the doctors would not be able to help and men become really surprised to become cured upon several visits to a healer following several years of unsuccessful treatment in hospitals.

✔ Sexual frustration hexing – such hexing is imposed on a male as a part of love magic – to prevent any cheating. However, the same kind of hexing may be applied for direct damage.

✔ Feebleness hexing – in this event the physical healthy is affected. A person’s karma is broken through, resulting in permanent loss of energy and vital force. Such subsort of hexing implies habitation of an identity sucking strength out of a person for own benefit. The feebleness hexing may develop into such a form, which results in human gradual dying.

✔ Physical health hexing.
It is a kind of hexing aimed at one’s consciousness. Such hexing results in obfuscation, an object fails to adequately react to any events in one’s life and may go nuts. Subsort of this hexing is hexing with demoniac possession, hexing with habitation of insanity demon, hexing with tart binding. There are also the following individual subsorts of hexing as: drunkard hexing, alcohol dependency hexing, drug addiction hexing, vehemence hexing. Such sobsorts damage both physical and psychological health, destroying the body and deteriorating the soul with fatal flaws.

✔ Relation hexing in the form of quarrelling, blowing cold or turn off.
quarrelling, blowing cold or turn off

Signs: Sudden worsening of relation. Sudden worsening of well-being – both physical and psychological.
Distribution of sleep and reasonless anxiety. Problems in many fields of life. Excess drinking of alcohol. Loss of interest to the family and children. Loss of sexual interest.

✔ Ancestorial hexing, etc.

Once the ancestorial negative programs are applied, your kindred would also have: people suffering from various mental disorders, neuroses, inadequate behavior of relatives, failed personal lives, as if being made under the same script, chronic feminine diseases, infertility, whoring, early deaths of children and men, hereditary endocrine diseases, etc. hormone system disorders, tough temper.
Especially once there are inculpably convicted or repressed people, it speaks for the program’s active form. The same story is related to chronic alcoholism.

1. Parental hexing
It is a category of the direst consequences. It includes family quarrels implying intemperate comments.
And the most harmless, at first glance, thing works (a mother in a fit of anger shouts at a child – Damn you – and the child is then kidnapped and used for some perverted actions. What a harmless phrase – and such a misfortune.)

It operates soon and destructively since, it is kindred blood, the energetic background in the family is common, and there is no need for the organism to build up energetic protection.
Therefore, the problem of parents and children is not barely personal, But also global one in then general human sense.

2. Gypsy hexing.
Gypsy hexing regardless of the method (even once a professional gypsy just says fuck off) always form complex item hexing (item hexing means dedicated hexing resulting form magic impact on certain items using order magic spells. It is effected by a good magician or wizard).

Therefore, when a gypsy speaks to your on the street, you should just ignore her, and regardless of her curses, everything will be good with you.
Manifest of gypsy curse may be various and is expressed unstably.

3. Church curse.
Breaching of any religious requirements, regardless of belief.
Such curses normally manifest in every generation of the affected kindred up to the seventh knee.
Even a committed Christian may be cursed upon breach of the religious requirements. In this event he punishes himself for the committed sin.

4. Common curses, etc.

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