“Shamanship at home”

How shamanship is done

Shaman in the ancient society was an assistant to his tribe, establishing communication through the use of the possibility of staying in a different reality, helping with the weather, good luck in the hunt and harvest, anticipating events, as well as healing the sick.
The main action in healing is to find the force spirit inside the patient. For this purpose the shaman takes a trip to the lower world for the animal-spirit for this person. In order to perform the travel it is needed a drum, special rhythm, a dance, shamanic song, which helps to enter into a shamanic trance in which the journey is made.
1. The patient lies next to the shaman. The shaman enters a trance, beating the drum and singing a shamanic song.
2. Then he lies next to the patient, creating a body and mental contact with him, goes on a journey through the underworld, choosing a guardian spirit for the patient.
3. When the spirit is found, the shaman returns with it from the underworld and blows in the patient’s chest his guardian spirit.
4. Then he raises the patient and injects into the top of his head the guardian spirit and explains what animal strength he brought him, describing the appearance, and offers to join the dance.
5. The patient stands up and dances his animal power dance, mimicking the movements of the animal, forming the inner connection with it. Shaman supports the rhythm and dance by beating the drum.

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