How to distinguish between SORCERER / WITCH from the CHARLATANS:

1. The real sorcerer / witch would never give an advertisement “Offer: order a purification and attraction spell and receive a rite of luck for free”. Firstly, it is a disrespect for the Force, which he was gaining during the years of risks and painful mistakes. Secondly, there is no health for 50$, happiness for 100$, and luck as a gift. To receive something valuable, it is necessary to give something valuable. And, thirdly. A high cost the sorcerer forms not according to the difficulty of the task, but according the among of time used. The most precious for the sorcerer is time.
2. He does not hide his personality and name, and his contacts do not change for years.
3. He does not give to the client a 100% guaranty, as there are a lot of facts that are out of his influence. For example, you break one of the prohibitions – and all the work needs to be redone.
4. In 90% of cases for sorcerers work it is needed some clients thing, his linking (hair, nails, saliva, blood and etc.); access to the sill and to the home. If you are promised a miracle by the photo – make your conclusions!
5. The treatment of serious diseases is realized only in personal presence, working directly with the energy of the client.
6. He will never boast that he is the best. Firstly, because he is self-sufficient; secondly, he know better that anyone that Gods have bad educational methods, and they will definitely prove the opposite.
7. There is no phrase “for life” in the vocabulary. Of course, there is long-term sustainable impact, but while the person is alive, it can be removed from him absolutely everything. Again, if it is “all” – not rigid karma, which has destroyed 90% of physiology. Speaking of attraction spell for life, that is promised everywhere the charlatans.
8. Does not have time to write volumes about magic, he will take a student. Other wise how he realizes his practice.
9. Does not interfere in politics. Just because he is above all this, and he is not interested in worldly fuss.
10. He does not waste words, he acts. He does not need to threaten you, for you give him your money. You will give it to him voluntarily just because it will emerge from “punitive” circumstances from the above.
11. He never does in just for fun. Or it has a profit, sincere gratitude, o a global catch.
12. Has a high intellect and literate writing. He is able to admit his mistakes and adulteration and to cope with them easily if there is a desire, unlike ordinary people.
No one respected sorcerer / witch would propose you a “black wedding”. Firstly, this is because the word “wedding” belongs to orthodoxy. Secondly, because the “black wedding” – it is a symbolic description of the rite where are used two dolls. Thirdly, the fact of “wedding” is realized between a sorcerer and a witch buy other sorcerer or witch, when the conjurers are united by the dark force. But the procedure of “wedding” has nothing in common with a long-acting attraction spell.

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