The first sign of the influence (for example, charm to excite love, evil eye or evil) may be the restless sleep, daytime fatigue, the feeling of anxiety and fear. It becomes not interesting to live: food loses its taste, friends are irritating, the hobby doesn’t interest you anymore.

People notice that you have become angry, irritated with no reason. On the physical plane you do notice the following: rapid loss or gain of weight, sudden appearance of goose bumps. Permanent rush and chaos in the affairs, understanding that there is still enough time, start hustling, forget some things at home (for example, keys or passport), but usually you don`t tend to do int!

Strange dreams, which you see at night and are unreal to remember them the next morning.
All these are signs of a weak influence, which has caused the magical influence.

The magical influence may be manifest more strongly. In the dream, you can see dead people, or just scary strangers (not always in human form) that want to kill you. You may rear with snakes, spiders, scorpions, dirty places, swamps. The action usually takes place at dusk. From these reams people usually are waking up sharply and for a long time can`t stop to experience anxiety and fear.

The impact can be slow, and it can be almost lightning. It all depends on the strength of the one who performs the ritual, on its degree of concentration, the specifics of the “helpers” and on the ritual itself (its functions and the method, which is aimed to achieve a magical effect), and the place of its realization.

The heaviest work appear in the form of cancer diseases, perversion of the organs (unmotivated organ failure, its “shrinkage”) and etc. The person often begins to consume alcohol or drugs uncontrollably. Often happen a heart attack, despite this person was healthy before that.

Attempts to suicide or obsessive thoughts of suicide – it is a sure sign that magic is increasing its influence.


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