During the preparation and conducting of the ritual we resort to the various Forces that are so powerful and almighty so that our careless actions, words or thoughts may offend them. All that can lead to the destruction of ritual or even to their anger. In order to prevent this, let’s consider several typical cases which provoke most often the negative reaction of the Spirits.

1. Careless words
To this issue belong random actions and words that carry a negative thrust. It is understood that, when applying to a particular spirit, a Magician wants to say something nicely using a pre-prepared text and may lose track or forget some line that needs to be stated. And what are we doing when we forget something? We get anger, spit it out (this action symbolizes negation) and we can also call ourselves as “my head is like a sieve”. All that might not do harm to anyone if that was not the case at mid-treatment to the Spirit or Blasphemes who would necessarily fathom this as an insult, and not just an insult, but the insult said to him in person. This behavior can make the spirits really angry and, as a consequence, the ritual will fail, as well as the subsequent events in your life.
Be cautious with your words and gestures (sudden movement, kicking with your hands, blow axle stub, etc.). Just in case, especially with regard to rituals that you carry out for the first time, get a description of all phases and words that you will need to utter. Let this description be at your fingertips, so that during the ritual you do not have to tear a virtuous circle (this disperses the Force gathered in it). Don’t fear to make a slip in speaking: if you jump track, then correct yourself and go ahead. Don’t fear to forget the text: keep silent, try to remember (or look it up in the description) and keen on. You should know that the one who gets worried, is most often mistaken.

2. Interruption of the ritual
These are too frequent cases when a beginner magician does not notice the presence of the Spirits and the Divinity and he may deem that something went wrong and interrupts the ritual right in the middle (i.e. , without taking the necessary action for the dissolution of the urged Forces). Yeah, it does not always happen that way that the Divinity manifest, spread the heaven and shine with thousands of lights. If the ritual is carried out smoothly, this does not mean that the invited Forces did not come. And this is not an excuse to give up the ritual. Bear in mind that the magical ritual is a coordinated action in which one not just the magician takes part, but also the forces he before had called for. This is a good way to spoil the relations between each other is to call for someone to assist you and in the middle of the ritual stand up and take to the other stuff.
If you have some doubts that the ritual is carried out at an unplanned pace or you are thinking of the fact that something might go wrong, all this should not be a reason to interrupt the ritual. Finish the ritual as it is assumed and lead to the end phase. And who knows, maybe this ritual will have a better effect than all the previous ones.

3. The dismissive attitude to the Force itself
In the same way it is considered just unacceptable during the preparation and the conduction of the ritual to treat the Forces in a pejorative way, to use against them some slang words or names. All that prevents from embracing the spirit of the ritual and holding it at a decent level, and, of course, it might lead to ruin your relationship with the urged Spirits or the Divinity. If you do not have a serious relationship and you do not respect this or that Force, you had better not carry out the ritual.
And in conclusion, the correct attitude to the urged Spirits or the Divinity, this is just not only a successful way of conducting a magic ritual, but, above all, it is always about your security.


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