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16.10.2016 Munich
Free workschop in Munich, Germany.
Recovery and Protection

02.10.2016 Munich

Psyhological Seminar: Methods of energy protection and diagnostic

Seminars, meetings and master classes.

We conduct seminars in different parts of the world.
In addition to paid seminars and training, open meetings and master classes are often held.
You can get acquainted with us, get basic knowledge, gain experience for independent work and find answers to your questions
from our practitioners personally or in Skype mode right at the seminar!


CHANGING EVENTS changing lives …

A positive, intelligent, energetic and talented team will share knowledge and energy  with you!A lot of new impressions and practical knowledge/material will help improve your life, solve problems, get what you want, develop clairvoyance, extrasensory abilities and much more will become available to you! Join live broadcasts on Skype & Youtube directly on the site.Come on open days and see for yourself! It’s possible!
We are territorially in the heart of Bavaria, Russia and Ukraine!
We are waiting for your visit!

Animal Shelter “furry friends.”
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FORTHELM®. Ukraine.
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Forthelm®. Germany.
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Школа Forthelm
Webinar online
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