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Shamanic practices burrowing into the ground. for those who want to totally relax, reboot and crash into tambourine!

Practice Instructions burrowing:
• this is real shamanism without pop music • this is total relaxation, stopping the thought
• it is the practice of cleansing the earth and rebirth • it is a way out of the way, getting into a trance state • this is dissolution in the earth and communication with spirits

* YOU WILL NEVER FORGET THE FIRST burrowing into the ground *

1. You do not just lie with your thoughts, sprinkled with earth. Instillation in the company of Svyatogor Magura, it is honed for 7 years the sequence of practices. Svyatogor strikes a tambourine, kills, whispers, introduces your consciousness into trance and thoughtlessness. And you yourself already feel the power to communicate with spirits.
2. No those who did not like. Everyone has different, their experience and feelings. So you will not be buried either by Vasily, or by the guy who was on the Svyatogor burrowing, and you do not bury yourself.
3. We do not take on unfamiliar people from the Internet for this meeting. We appreciate the atmosphere, and the company where you can completely relax.
There are people who have tambourines, those who were already at meetings, and whom we know personally.
4. You feel the power of the shaman in yourself. Want to relax, with all the dope beat in a tambourine, poarat in the woods. We make an atmosphere for relaxation and real practice.

5. Svyatogor shares his experience of shamanic practices, you just need to ask questions.



MOLFAR Shaman Lab: Impression(Rus)

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