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“Shamanship at home”

Patterns, verses.
This practice may be performed in conjunction with others (look practices «Tree», «Place, where the fire burns»), as well as an independent one – a kind of meditation.

There is a variant of its implementation in a couple or in a group. For example, you have common practice with a candle. Coming to an agreement, begin the practice. Someone begins to paint a pattern by performing a complete group of images. The next one continues, etc. Everyone wants to express his theme, without destroying the integrity of the overall pattern. You should manifest courage, imagination and the correct attitude towards your partners. Do not hesitate to express your deep feelings. As if this is not you draw but your hand seeks to follow the invisible guide. The lines must be clear, legible. Continue until you see that pattern is completed.

The same goes for the verses. One writes the beginning, from two to four lines, setting the original topic. Others continue. This practice is not just a great substitute for empty talks. It can give the surprising qualities to your communication with each other, as well as your individual practice.

This practice is a very good auxiliary exercise at performing more advanced meditations and practices. For example, this very minute you can not find a way to implement the power that passes through you, or you need something for this. But, perhaps, you have the opportunity to draw a pattern or write a poem. And you can actively express the unknown that passes through you in this process. Starting to flow into the manifested form, the power receives a complete confirmation and grasps for the way of further realization.

This exercise should be performed qualitatively, as a separate independent task. Each time try to bring the work to its maximum perfection. In this way the power gains completeness, it is maturing.

If you act more qualitatively on each stage, it is simpler for the power to realize itself.

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