Talisman and Amulet.

Everybody knows what the talisman or amulet is. In using the runes the only difference between the amulet and talisman is that on the talisman apart from the rune we can depict anything else. To achieve the desired or to protect yourself from bad impacts, it is often enough to pick one rune that fits you by it meaning, and to depict it one more time. If you need to enforce or to accelerate the action of the rune, you can add the runes that suit to Your situation. It is enough to pick 3 or 5 runes, to depict them in a line (according to the logic of action) or to tie them in a ligature.

The amulets and talismans are made of natural materials, with the image of one or several runes that fit to the meaning of the talisman. The talismans and amulets are destined for continuous wear. As it was sad, talismans and amulets are made of natural materials: stone, wooden slats, tree bark (I like elm), perhaps it may be done of shell. If you don`t have nothing alike by your hand, or you don`t have with you a knife, paining, than you can paint it with a regular pen on a piece of paper. But such talisman won`t last for a long time.
If you are making a talisman for yourself, it might last during the time that you need. Sometimes it is necessary to “clean” or “recharge” the talisman.

The talismans that have lost their power or have completed their period of validity are not supposed to be thrown out> it is better to return them to the nature (that is why it is not recommended to make then of synthetic materials): to burn, to throw into the water o to bury into the ground.


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