” The consequences of free diagnostics and works, and payment in food”.
About cheese in a mousetrap.

In witchcraft there exists an invisible rule of balance: if you are using some kind of a power potential for the benefit of another person, regardless of the quality of the interrelations, relationship degrees and such, your power must be paid. And there are several global causes for that, which lead to a very bad consequences. Any work or diagnostics that was not paid create an energy imbalance and put the master and client into debt relationship. Such debt relationship turn into problems with money for the client himself and master. Why so?
– Power is not a man. One cannot explain it that some Joe is your kum/co-father-in-law/brother/grandfather and so on. But it can absolutely clearly and objectively draws conclusions that: if the master takes no money for his work, it means that he does not need it, and you don’t need to give him clients. The same goes for work payment in food, alcohol etc.
Sometimes it also happens vice versa: the master does free diagnostics or work and the Power takes the payment from the customer with non-material values. For example: health, possibilities, energetic potential and so on.

What is interesting: the master not always can realize it, because it appears that it’s not complicated for him to look, for example, how go relationships of his sister and her husband and give some good advice. And the balance has already been broken. But more often the master deliberately does free diagnostics and works in order to eventually to take something from the client. Moreover, he will take what he would like.

There is one more clever option, when the master seemingly does a check for free, but discovers that there is an ill effects on the client, or he has power that has been passed down through generations. Thus, the master receives either future client for cleaning or a disciple, or brings food for his tradition by giving the strange rituals for entry into practice. Do not exclude the possibility that when a man gives a photo for providing free diagnosis, a master shall make binding to the client, and the person will constantly be drawn to this master, leading the man to bring his money to the master. Or the master can diagnose an ill effect, and then he goes and does it on the client. Naturally, to whom will the client run for cleaning?

Why do I write about this? – That is because nowadays Internet communities and individual pages pretty often filled with inscriptions like “free diagnostics”….)
The only thing to happy about is that there are very few masters who are able to do such ill effects/bindings through diagnostics, and they should have a lot of clients if they possess such level of mastership.
This post does not concern the development of new packs and other mantics. And it does not apply to a situation when a diagnostician learns how to make a diagnosis or wants to gain a new experience.

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