We are constantly being given signals. You only need to be able to listen to them.
The tempestuous discomfort that might be bothering you for a long time is not actually linked with tiredness at work or bad grades of your child in school. May be the Forces thus make you understand that you are not on the right path? By listening to the language of the Supreme forces a lot of stuff can be corrected and you can even avoid making mistakes. This is our energetic, emotional and intuitive status. That is why it is so important to heed to the soul and the fact that tells the heart. If your soul sings – you are on the right path if you feel discomfort, gravity, confused alarm – this should be solved. Unfortunately, the brain of modern people is fatty to do so.

The language of headnuts
The Supreme forces apply the language of signs and signals. This is most often a random event. All of a sudden you have choked; your leg has slept or something has dropped down… We are warned of the good and the bad events. Look at the surrounding world, people and at yourself! Such signs can be interpreted only after the fait accomplished. In case when you do not understand these signals, signs get repeated up to three times and then the Supreme forces are moving to the next, more ill-mode of communication with you.

The language of the situation
The deal was not made, your wife cheated on you, your car was stolen… Perhaps, the Supreme forces do not interfere and are protecting you from a worse problem? If the person gets frustrated after that and does not understand these signals, the techniques of upbringing become more severe. They want to show you that you are wrong. But if the lesson is understood that the situation is aligned and failures quickly are changed by the successes.

The language of failures
This is God sentence or Kara. What turns to be the most valuable for the person, this will usually will be taken away. Often as an educative measure there is used a disease. It influences you that way that it is impossible not to have noticed this. And you must always understand – why have you been punished? And if you understand what the reason was, the penalty is cancelled and the problem disappears itself. By such failures the Supreme forces direct the person on his/her path in order he/she fulfils his/her purpose.

Direct contact
The punishment for those who do not get it can get repeated for at least three times. If you do not react, then the language of direct contact is applied. You happen to be at a bioenergy person, faith healer, the priest where you are given a lecture (literally you are taken there) and where you are suddenly explained the reason for your failures
Language of aggression
A rough way of treatment. For example, on getting out of your house, you come across the phrase on the wall in capital letters “You are a fool!”. Until you understand that this phrase applies to you, it will remain in its place! Or, for example, you are sitting and thinking: “It is time to get divorced”. And at this time quite a strong chair you are sitting on falls apart. You are simply given a hint what might happen when you proceed to that.

Language of the inculcation
This is a direct text to remember. It is based on the use of the memory directly without thinking. The person becomes dependent on alcohol, drugs, casino, sects, fishing, etc. Each person gets what he/she deserves. But there is still a chance to come to their senses.

The last stage of the educational process becomes more flagrant and quite harder. The punishment is getting worse. Suddenly incurable diseases appear, accidents happen, etc. And if the person cannot still understand anything, he/she will be simply eliminated from a terrestrial life.


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