Who of us is afraid of the darkness?
Some would for sure sincerely recognize that. But, if an outer shell of our identity could be removed, as if it were a mask, every one of us would find some part which resists darkness and might be even a little bit afraid of it. Such a reaction is absolutely natural. And I also feared darkness. However, it is simply ridiculous to hide from reality, hiding our head in the sand, as an ostrich. Darkness surrounds us everywhere.

Of course, darkness is manifested on the physical level: the sun comes down, the stars appear and there appears a physical reality of darkness every night – the metamorphoses of the universe. But the task in which one you are going to participate, is about teaching you to see beyond the brute physical reality.

If you slightly move your point of view and imagine that at the moment the physical reality that is being observed depicts what is happening inside you, you will see that the internal darkness is a natural spiritual state that simply exists, as well as space and metamorphoses. Here there is nothing to fear. It simply exists. And the awareness of this darkness appears and disappears, like light moon or sunrise and sunset. And still what is darkness?

You’ll find out that “darkness” is a multi-layer concept with many values. For example, for those who pave their way beyond the light, darkness serves as the embodiment of the unknown.
When confronted face-to-face with the investigation of wisdom, knowledge and the forces which seem not to have any restrictions or seem unsafe, these mystery scientists feel that arrived in some “Earth of Shadows” – not because that the darkness itself is unsafe, but our culture approves it. On the other hand. The Darkness is something that you do not want to see in yourself. It is precisely called the “shadow” part of consciousness by psychologists.

In spite of the fact that darkness can cause a feeling of threat, but it is about not focusing on an absolute horror. In the end, when it is gets really dark, you can observe stars which ones in this case would mean to you the rays of light in the dark kingdom.

Darkness is the environment full of paradox: once you encounter with darkness, and make it a part of your substance, as well the proven fear will become a force and wisdom. You will find that in contrast to western cultural preservation, comparing darkness with “evil”, people, brought up in the eastern spiritual systems interpret darkness in an entirely different way. They understand darkness as half a holistic human spirit which represents the mixture of active and passive, female and male, clear and dark energy that are symbolically reflected in the proverbial two phenomena yin and yang. A journey into the shadows can help you to recover and to complete the force in you as a human substance – the mixture of positive and negative, contributory and destructive, active and passive force.

Even purely white light in fact consists of a combination of many colors, and some of them remain dark and invisible by naked eye. Try to understand that, in this sense, images created a continuum, this continuity there is a light inside of ourselves – and then you’ll not talk of your deliverance, not recognizing the darkness in yourself. The ability to interact with the darker parties of your essence constitutes an act of improving a personal force. While agreeing with the existence of a darkness reality in your life, you thereby will discover your consciousness. This way you will also broaden your personal spectrum and in the end you will achieve full beam refusing to see life as it is actually with its light and dark sides and transitions between them, you commit a dangerous act. You are going against the current of culture.

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