Magic is the science to make changes in life, many of which ones have arisen through ritual practices. Besides that, there is a rich variety of the options of magic rituals. They can be distinguished by the purposes of their taking place (for example, the involvement of love, wealth, etc.), by the number of participants (group and individual), by the length of time (for example, candle lightning during 7 days), by the place of their taking place (at home or in the nature), by the involved ingredients (for example, cleaning with an egg, wax or smoking) and many more. All the existing rituals cannot be even listed. However, in all this diversity there can be withdrawn the common features based on the principle of action.
In this way, all magical rituals are classified into four groups based on the already mentioned principle of action:

 Creating rituals;
 Attracting/tenting rituals;
 Expulsion rituals;
 Destruction rituals.
Creating rituals will be carried out in case when you want to create something that does not exist in the very situation or environment. And it is not that simply to create some object or phenomenon, but at the same time a defined path of development generates. In other words, an object is created in the present and in the future time, i.e., taking into account the fact how it will grow or develop and, ultimately, to what it would become. For example, the peace issue, the formation of a family or a firm.

Attracting rituals are similar to the rituals of creating, but anyway they have a number of differences. This type of rituals is oriented on the conditions and the purpose of their taking place and the attracting strength already exists in this world. With the help of these rituals there can be attracted the necessary energy in the situation or to some definite object (goddess), the attention of spirits and Gods (calling magic) in order to establish communication and a close link to them. Mostly such rituals are carried out to attract love, wealth, luck and happiness.

Expulsion rituals are opposed to the attracting rituals. They are carried out in order to get rid of malicious influence or in order to extract the destructive elements from the situation. For example, trying to get rid of rivals or competitor, trying to get rid of diseases, purification of the negative, getting rid of quarrels in the family.

Rituals of destruction are used rarely and with caution, because they do not have back-action. The use of this type of rituals requires some specific knowledge. In its essence, the rituals of destruction are directly opposed to the rituals of creation. They are carried out to fully limit the impact and remove any phenomenon or object. For example, this can be the removal of a disease or of an enemy. The one who carries out this ritual takes the entire responsibility.

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