Why not free of charge?

It is often asked why your service is paid?
(Energy, money, health, time, forces and etc.)
Do real wizards and witches do not help people free of charge?
Because the healing is the gift of the God!

To cure people is also a gift of the God, but you still pay for the cure?

Let`s study it out:
Singing – is it a gift of the God.
It means that the singer has to sing free of change?
Drawing – is it a gift of the God. It means that the painter has to give free of charge his paintings?

Don’t forget that you have to pay for everything at the church too!
For the favorite pray, for any benefit of clergy, in spite of the fact that you have a pain or a happiness, the church doesn’t work free of charge! Are you deep in your thoughts?
And don’t say that grandmothers in the villages do not take money and for free of charge!

Grandmothers and grandfathers in the villages do not name the price for their services because they are always afraid of being harassment by government agencies. In all times.

The illegal doctoring has always being a subjected to persecution!
No one goes to visit the wizard empty handed. They are afraid. The people at all times understand that they are dealing with the force that are superior of them and that they have to respect them.

The professional magic/conjury has to be paid!
If the wizard/witch is rendering the services free of charge, he takes care of all the problems of the customer.

In course of the time he begins to loose the trust of the forces and he becomes vulnerable!
Performing the ritual the practitioner is exposed to serious danger.

Besides – it’s just very hard.
Forests, fields, cemeteries, graveyards, lakes, rivers. Heavy bags and backpacks with offerings, firewood, sacrifice and etc.
Constantly dirty things, scratched hands.

We can describe only partly the tasks of the practitioner:
Diagnostics, calculations of the rituals. The search and the purchase of the materials. The time expenses for the preparation for the work. The travel to the place of the forces without transport etc.

Agree, this kind of work has to be paid.

The magic service – it is a service. The rendered services by other people are always paid. The people that practice obeah at the professional level, almost cannot do anything else.

It is very difficult to divide your consciousness.

It is a way of life, a rather complicated way of life, because you are constantly living in two worlds (or in three). And the practitioner pays a big price by his world, friends, relationships, health and by other things. Refusing often the family, children, hobby and rest. Maintaining a long post and etc.

We take money for our services because it is our work, we have to pay for everything, and this is the Cosmic Law.

Source: Iridiia Lilova
“FacebookWitche`s Notebook”
Edited the text: http://rlorien.com/

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